Information about HardWood FLOORING

Installer/Contractor/DIY person Checklist

 [  ] You/your installer should read the installation instructions and warranty information 
so that all manufacturing instructions are followed at installation.

[  ] Make sure that the home is ready for the hardwood flooring and has doors, windows, and heating and 
air conditioning installed and operational before you bring the hardwood into the home.

[  ] Check the relative humidity of your home using a hygrometer 

[  ] Make sure your home has a relative humidity of 35% to 55%.

 (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturers installation instructions)

[  ] Make sure the conditions in the crawlspace are dry and the humidity is between 35% and 55%.
 (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturers installation instructions)

[  ] Check the moisture content of the wood and the subfloor.

[  ] Make sure your gutters have extensions on them in order to drain water away from the foundation of your home.

[  ] Use the underlayment specified in the  installation instructions. 

[  ] Use ¼”  backer board when moving furniture such as refrigerators.
[  ] You/your installer should  follow all the instructions and use whatever the tools the manufacturer says to use.

[  ] Homeowner or the person who chose the flooring should be at home at the beginning of the installation to 
verify the correct product has been delivered and will be installed.

 [  ] Keep 2-4 extra cartons in a dry place for any future board replacement.