Information about HardWood FLOORING

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How to buy hardwood flooring!


Tell your Salesperson about

One- What we have placed within this website will let them know the steps that they need to follow to make sure you have a great experience and that you will be a lifelong customer.
Two-You should print out the checklists of all the products that you will need before the flooring is delivered into your home.
Three-Give a copy of the checklist to your salesperson and let them know that you want to talk about everything on there with them and want to purchase those items along with your flooring.
Four- This is the time where the salesperson should go over everything with you and give you extra guidance that they are being paid to provide.



Tell your installer about

One- Tell your installer about Flooring Defender and let them know that there are useful checklists they can get here for free.
Two- Read over the installer section of this website and the installer checklists
Three- Remember that if you are buying the flooring from one business and using another business for the installation it becomes your responsibility to make sure the installation company reads and follows the installation instructions.
Four- The salesperson that sold you the flooring is responsible for two things.

To tell you where the installation instructions, warranty information, and cleaning/maintenance is on the manufacturers website and what all those mean.

To tell you about any additional products that you need to purchase (such as cleaner, furniture pads...) and why you need them.

Five-The installer that will install the hardwood flooring is responsible for reading and following the installation instructions. You are paying them to do that but it is always a good idea to remind them to do that as well.



Print out the salesperson and the installer checklists and provide the installer checklist to your installer.


One- Print the salesperson checklist, read it, and take it with you when buying hardwood flooring
Two-Print the installer checklist, read it, and take it with you when you are talking to the installer and/or salesperson that will also handle the installation.
Three-Have the installer check off the installer checklist and sign it as a good faith acknowledgement that they will read and follow the installation instructions for your project.


Print Product installation instructions, warranty information, and care instructions and read them.

One-You never know when you catch something your installer missed and it could be something big that would waive your warranty.
Two-Check out the hardwood flooring manufacturers quick reviews to see if the brand you are using has a manufacturer that cares about installation instructions, warranty information, and floor care instructions.
If the manufacturer does not provide written installation instructions, written warranty information, and written floor care/maintenance instructions then switch brands. There manufacturers that care about you.


Print additional item list of things you should have purchased before you install your hardwood flooring to keep it in great shape once it is in.

One-Purchase those things and learn how and where to use them from your salesperson and the manufacturer.
Two- When you have a question about how to use a product of if you can use a product ask your salesperson AND EMAIL THE MANUFACTURER with the question. Keep the response with your important warranty information.


Tell your family and friends that you made sure your hardwood flooring project went well by visiting and following 6 simple steps.