Information about HardWood FLOORING

Dear Sales Professionals,

Thank you for visiting Flooring Defender!

We hope that you find valuable information on this site that helps you to sell!.

The only rule that we have is for you to never allow anyone to change the way that you sell. That is what makes you great. Your personality and your honesty. What we propose is several unique steps to add to your normal routine. Try these three steps belwo andcheck out the helpful hints at this how to sell hardwood flooring link and see how much easier your life becomes.

Step 1- Utilize checklists. If you are new then pull one out right at the beginning of each sale and go over it while you are talking to the customer. If you are already fantastic at sales then complete the sale and then pull out the checklists so that way your customer sees that you are dedicated to giving them the best customer service. You are so dedicated that you want to make sure you never forget something important concerning their individual project.

Step 2-If you are new then create a binder filled with sheet protected pictures of your successes. Everything organized out in a easy to find format (guide book coming soon).

If you sell for a kitchen then get a before and after picture and keep at least 2 different kitchens in there. If you sell for a bedroom do the same and so on. It does not have to be every project but at the beginning the more the better. If you have been in business for a while then you should have one of these already. This should be unique to you with pictures that you have taken and not stock photos. The more examples the more confident the customer will be that you actually do have the experience needed to assist them in having a great experience.

Step 3- Read the Personal Finance section of this website or any personal finance resource online or anywhere. For the love of all that is holy do not borrow money. There is a great episode of a famous longest running cartoon out there that showcases a salesman. That salesman is always down and out. In one particular episode he says "Gill NEEDS this sale!!!!" You should never be Gil. You should never NEED the sale. People who are in NEED of a sale have usually lost already. What they NEED is to get their personal finances under control.

Please feel free to download our checklists and provide us with your email information so that we can include you in any upcoming newsletters and shows.

We thank you for coming by to visit Flooring Defender and good luck in all your future sales! Although if you follow our guidance on this website luck will have very little to do with your success and growth. Good old fashioned hard work and customer service will be your road to success.