Flooring Defender How To Sell Hardwood Flooring

YOU ARE being paid to inform the customer/homeowner about all things hardwood flooring.

you get paid money for your knowledge when you are selling the product.

The number one line that I have heard from salespeople is:

"I have been doing this for a long time and I always tell every customer all those things!"

 Fact is:

You and your sales people are human and us humans forget things and that is ok!

The best salesperson in the world knows that during the sales process of an expensive product there will be at least one lengthy conversation about that product. In that conversation many topics will also be discussed. Good salespeople are personable salespeople and talk about things that the customer has on their mind such as fishing, golf, cars, sports, the weather. This is genuine conversation because salespeople are genuine people and enjoy talking for a living. They build trust in the sale and become like family in many cases to the customer/homeowner. The tough part is to make sure not to forgot something important while having those genuine conversations. That is where flooringdefender.com comes into play.

This site provides simple steps to introduce to the customer/homeowner to make sure that they are really ready for the hardwood flooring. Sometimes the best salesperson in the world forgets to mention something. This is not done on purpose but is just a simple mistake.

The problem is that salespeople are not suppose to forget anything or make mistakes. So I have included some checklists and steps that all salespeople should use. These checklists help the salesperson to make sure that they truly did cover all the most important topics in the process. Taking out a checklist always informs the customer that you are just making sure they have everything they need before they go home.


How to sell hardwood flooring Hints!

Step One:

Print product instructions and Flooring Defender forms and checklists to hand out after every sale.

One- Find and print the product installation instructions, warranty information, and care/maintenance instructions that should be located in an easy to find place on the manufacturer website.
Two-Print the Flooring Defender checklists for the homeowner and for the installers to have.
Three-Print the Flooring Defender Additional Products Needed List for the homeowner to have.

Step Two:

Collect all the necessary add on products and keep in one place.

One- Put all needed products with pictures in a binder with sheet protectors if you do not sell them-show those products to the customer-give the customer a list to take with them 
Two-Put additional products in a box-Sell as a package after you explain what is in the box and why it is needed 
Three-Put additional products in a handy bucket-Sell as a package after you explain what is in the bucket and why it is needed  

Step Three:

What to do if a customer wants to use a product, or you want to sell a product, outside of the manufacturers approved products list. This can sometimes happen when you get a very strong willed customer.

You can do three things.

One-Refer the customer to flooringdefender.com and tell them to print out our product protection form and email it in to the flooring manufacturer. 
Two- Tell the customer to email the manufacturer of the product they want to use and get that manufacturer to agree to full product rip out, full product reinstall at current market price, and full accessories replacement. If the product manufacturers agree do all that in writing, by email preferably, then print and staple it to your warranty sheets and they become your new warranty providers so keep it for the life of your floor.
Three-Get an email or letter for the manufacturer of the hardwood letting you know it is ok to use the product even if it is not listed as a approved product by them.

Step Four:

Tell your customer/homeowner after every sale is completed and you checked off your salesperson checklist about flooringdefender.com and how it has more useful information. 

One- Tell the customer/homeowner about this site especially if you do not know the installer that will be installing the flooring that you just sold them. It helps to keep you and your business protected from a bad installer. It might get the customer to reconsider your offer to install the product if they know what to ask the installer. It provides a little piece of mind that the flooring that you just sold will not become a problem for you in the future.
Two-Place a link to the installation instructions, the warranty, and the floor care instructions of every brand that you sell on a tab on your home page.
Three-Put a link to Flooring Defender on your website to give your customers the most current information out there.



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