Information about HardWood FLOORING

If you are a customer/homeowner/DIY person or anyone else in the process and do not see anything about installation instructions, warranty information, and floor care instructions on the hardwood flooring company of your choice then our advice is to leave the site and choose another brand.

Not all the brands care about the customer but we want to have everyone represented.

We want to have "everyone in the room" just like in a real life inspection and then we want to see them make changes.

Some companies hide the installation instructions, some hide the warranty information, and some hide the floor care instructions.

Others do not paste any of the three on their website at all.

Then again there are the majority that do showcase the

installation instructions,

the warranty information,

and the

floor care instructions.

The choice of which brand to go with is very clear once you know what to look for.

That is why is here.

How to find the best retailers



hardwood flooring concerns itself with how the industry processes and distributes information.

That is why we are in existence. If there was not a need then we would not be here. 

When you are looking to purchase hardwood flooring then please make sure to take into consideration the three important points below.

Does the website have installation instructions, warranty information, and floor care instructions?

Is it easy to find those three things?