Information about HardWood FLOORING

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Sales Training Seminars


For the Homeowner and DIY Professional

Special Buying Seminar

-How to buy like a pro!

-How to get the installer to do a great job for you?

-How to know if you are getting a good deal?

-Where do you start your search?

-What about the online stores?

-What are the differences between where I buy my hardwood flooring?

What should I care about in my purchase?

-Should I buy Hardwood or something else?

Special Installation Seminar

-How to install like a pro!

-How to make sure your manufacturers warranty is not voided

-How to find the best contractor to do the best job for you

-What products you should have in your home for your hardwood flooring

Special Cleaning Seminar

-How to find the best cleaning products out there

-How to test which products not to use on your flooring

-What techniques to use when cleaning the flooring