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There are many different resources on how to compete, grow, and win in business. This is just one resource. We think its the best resource and through this site we hope that you will read the info, watch the videos, grow your wealth, and also come by and purchase our products/services. We strive to lead by example so we ask for the sale every time!!! Just like you should be out in the field.

We do our best not to sugar coat topics. Some business topics are not for the weak of heart but we suggest if you come across those then OUTSOURCE that part. Almost anyone can be successful in business especially with us by your side. Go crush it out!

We have decided to move the business consulting material to a different site. Flooringdefender.com is meant as a guide for flooring projects for sales professionals and Homeowners.

When we launch the Business Site we will most likely put the link here so check back in a few months.

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